Technology And Partner Exchange

Fast, reliable, flexible and easy to use. That is the foundation of the fiVISION account opening solution and demonstrates how we have successfully integrated technology to provide you an integrated and reliable account opening platform.

No one can do everything on their own. fiVISION’s ability to seamlessly interface with our partners provides you a platform based solution to meet your institution’s needs for identity verification and validation, credit bureaus, eSign companies, fraud detection and prevention services, core processing platforms, online banking providers, loan origination systems, credit and debit card processing, online chat, CRM solutions and account switch kits to mention a few.

Just take a look at some of our world class, trusted, proven and successful technology integration partners.


 with more on the way…..

Bi-directional and real-time! That is how our interface works with your Core Processor. Add to that post processing for deposit opening and LOS systems integration so you can get your new new applicants boarded on your core - fast! New applicants will be amazed at how simple and fast your account opening process is with a partnership with fiVISION. For details on how we can help you increase your new applications contact us today!
Nobody likes it, but everyone needs to include the ability to identify and verify the information and identity of Applicants.  With our integration of ChexSystems, LexisNexis, FIS and Equifax we provide you a toolkit to meet the needs of your risk evaluation.  It would be foolish for us to put a lot of details here so we just provide the option to Contact us today to determine how our tools can align with your risk management goals.
So many options and companies to link up with so, we created a simple single sign-on process for online and mobile banking providers providing applicants with seamless integration to fiVSION's account opening platform. And it does not stop there, ask us about SSO with your core via SAML. Contact us today to determine how we can help you meet your consolidated login needs.
Managing documents for your applicants and your institution is a breeze with fiVISION. We provide integrations for applicants to eSign documents either in session or via an email link, with access to these functions via our Status Center at any time.  Need documents exported to your archival system? no problem. We export to a sFTP server and they are available. Contact us today to determine how we can help you gain the most benefit from these document management options.