Customized for Your Needs

Customized for Your Needs. We have all been there. You kick off a new technology project and as you begin to deploy the product and suddenly you realize you need something slightly different to meet your customers’ needs. And what do we hear? That will be an extra cost, it is not our “standard” product. Oh boy, here we go again.

That is not the fiVISION way. We give you the tools to configure your products and services to meet the needs of your customers; we give you access to the html for the workflow providing you the ability to customize each workflow page; we even give you the ability to update and change the CSS to control the look and feel.

So, whether it is a simple text change or something more significant, you have a freedom to update and change your Account Opening application workflows at any time

Have you ever tried to configure one of those template sites and try to make it look like it is yours? It ends up looking like everyone else's because it is in fact a template by design.  With fiVISION account opening solutions you have broad control over the workflows, navigation and overall look and feel so it truly is your site. And our sky high completion rates prove applicants love it!

HTML/CSS Control for True Flexibility:

  • Control Over Look and Feel
  • Colors
  • Text Types
  • Borders
  • Backgrounds
  • Heights/widths and so much more.....
fiVISON customization strategy ensures that your applicants know they are on your site and under your care!
At launch you will be provided a "Best Practices" workflow that has industry standard and proven capabilities, but may not have all you want or need.  That is why we provide you the ability to customize your workflows text, page layout, controls, locations all via html.  Then you can customize your approval rules, and decisioning strategy and that is just the start......

A Selection of Workflow Options Includes:

  • html text and colors
  • Product Selection
  • Services
  • Disclosures
  • Approval Rules
  • Email Responses
  • Configurable Reports and so much more....
The only way to truly appreciate the flexibility and power of the fiVISION solution is to take a test drive. Please contact us today to set up your webinar so you can experience the freedom of knowing you can give your applicants what they want, when they want it.
With fiVISION’s solution you have the control to select the products and services your applicants will see.  You even have the option to select different combinations of products and services depending on what best meets the needs of your applicants.

A Sampling of Product Options:

  • Setup and Select Your Products
  • Set the Order products are displayed
  • Preselect products for your workflows
  • Make Products required or optional
  • Setup as a General Offer
  • Setup as a Cross-sell
  • Set up Your Services
  • Set Disclosures by Products
Approval Rules determine whether an application is auto approved, auto denied or set to pending for staff review. An Approval Rule generally performs a logic test on a piece of data either from a decision support service or data in application and then creates actions when that rule is triggered. Approval Rules can also be set to determine whether a document should be required.  Approval Rules are configured for each Workflow. Please contact us today for details on available approval rules.