Online Account Opening

Account Opening Made Easy

Making the Complex Simple

The true test of a high-quality technology solution is that users feel what they are completing is simple. We want your applicants and staff be comfortable opening new accounts or working with applicants. At fiVISION we have a culture of blending innovation, execution and partnerships to craft an excellent experience for all.

For Banks and Credit Unions

Our solutions provide advanced technology for both banks and credit unions. Account Opening should be an effortless process for both applicants and staff. Streamlining the experience with intuitive interactive screens combined with powerful behind-the-scenes integration to automate the process of opening a new.

Whether online, in branch or over the phone, opening a new account is a critical interaction with your customers. By using fiVISION’s account opening solutions, you will ensure their experience is efficient, fast and enjoyable!

Anywhere. Anytime. Any screen.

Today’s applicant expects to open an account or apply for loan on their schedule. It may be at work, at home or on the road and they want to use the screen of their choice. Whether your applicant’s use a desktop, tablet or smartphone, our responsive design will provide your users with an engaging experience. Our design expertise provides an online account opening experience like no other.


fiVISION gives you control over your account opening process. This means the flexibility to tweak and customize to fit your market needs. From access to the CSS and HTML for look and feel to changing text to changing the configuration options of your application process. You have access to make changes on your own – or have them done by us. Sample of Configuration Options (the whole list is much larger!): Some of the Configuration Options:
  • Add or Edit Products, Services & Disclosures
  • Create email & Secure Messaging Templates
  • Manage Fraud Block Lists
  • Manage Dropdown List Settings
  • Customize Text and Messaging
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Managing risk is paramount in account opening. We provide our clients with a portfolio of tools to evaluate applicants and manage potential for fraud. A Selection Of Our Options Includes:
  • Identity Verification
  • Identity Authentication
  • Credit Checks
  • Fraud Block Lists
  • Frequency Checks
  • OFAC Checks
  • Address Verification
  • Debit Fraud Checks
  • and more.......
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Want to provide account opening to a wide variety of potential applicants with a consistent approach? fiVISION provides you the the opportunity to utilize different workflows for different groups of applicants – which can be further tailored for an online, branch or call center experience. A Selection of our available Workflows:
  • Retail/Consumer
  • Business
  • IRA & HSA
  • Trust
  • Loan
  • Add Owners
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Account opening is only a success if your solution provides integration with your other partners. With fiVISION's Account Opening solution we have provided an integrated approach allowing users to easily complete an application and automate the many tasks to gather data, make decisions and create new accounts. Of course this means robust integration with your core processor and LOS,. It also means integrated identity verification, credit and OFAC checks, to seamless ID authentication, address validation, integrated in-session document signing, account funding with credit/debit or ACH, just to name a few! Our few of our Partner Integrations:
  • FIS
  • ChexSystems
  • Equifax
  • Transunion
  • LexisNexis
  • IMM
  • DocuSign
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